About Us

Our mission to provide quality service to each our our customers and to help ensure the beauty of their property. We utilize the best industry standards for tree, plant and aquatic health.  We have over 40 combined years of experience and are ready to help you keep your large trees, ornament trees, shrubs, ponds and lakes in tip top condition.

Chad Thomas

Chad is a Certified Arborist who started his training and green industry career with Stark Brothers Nursery in Louisiana, MO. He worked with plant propagation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and became a Missouri Certified Nurseryman. He studied Plant Science at the University of Missouri – Columbia before becoming the Vineyard Manager for Les Bourgeois Vineyards. For the past 11 years, he has worked as a Plant Health Director in Columbia and Jefferson City where is has developed programs for all treatable insect, disease and nutrient issues.

Chad and his wife have and daughter and son.

Rick Snyder


Rick has been a mid-Missouri resident for 40+ years. He has over 15 years experience treating trees, shrubs, ponds and lakes and is state certified in ornamental and aquatic treatments. With strong ties to the community he is driven to provide the best services he can offer.

Rick and his wife Jennifer have been married for over 20 years and have two sons.

Mark Munzlinger

Originally from Northeast Missouri, Mark studied Plant Science at the University of Missouri – Columbia while running track and cross country. He has over 13 years of experience in land care including lawn care, tree and shrub care, pond care and bare grounds.

Mark and his wife Denise have two sons and a daughter. They enjoy playing golf, hunting and spending time outdoors.

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